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Mittwoch, 25. April 2018


Welcome to Dreamfarm, where we make the world's best kitchen tools and gadgets. If you love new things that solve a problem and work better than anything else on the planet, then you’re going to love it here at Dreamfarm. That’s all we do.

Dreamfarm, the world's best kitchen tools and gadgets

We are the dreamers of dreams and the makers of things. We’re also just a bunch of everyday dudes from Brisbane, Australia, that believe in making sense, not junk.
We’re proud to be a company that has grown from a backyard shed by creating original products and always doing our own design work. That’s not a big deal to everyone, but it’s everything to us.

Every millimetre of our designs exists for a reason, so if you ever wonder about anything, please just ask! The only thing we’re crazier about than our products, is our customers and making sure you’re super stoked.

Dreamfarm (The Dream Farm Pty Ltd) is a design company headquartered in Brisbane, Australia. Founded in Australian Capital Canberra in 2003, Dreamfarm’s range includes innovative kitchenwares and homewares, with potato masher Smood the best-selling product.

Dreamfarm was founded in 2003 by the then 22-year-old Alexander Gransbury. The company’s first product was the coffee grind knockbox, Grindenstein. Feeling frustrated with no easy way to dispose of the used coffee grinds from his home espresso machine, Gransbury built the first ever Grindenstein prototype out of a PVC pipe and a construction bolt. Within twelve months, Grindenstein – now made out of ABS plastic and Santoprene rubber – was being sold in selected retail stores around Australia, while still being built at Gransbury’s family residence in Canberra.

By the end of 2005, Grindenstein was being sold nationally and internationally.
Dreamfarm’s production was moved offshore in 2006, so the company could continue to meet the increasingly high demand and provide products of an optimum quality. From there it was able to concentrate on designing and producing more products and extending the range.

In 2007, Dreamfarm secured distribution agencies in Canada, the USA and New Zealand. Dreamfarm Europe BV was launched to sell directly to European retailers.
As the company continued to expand, the need to be based in a larger city became apparent. It relocated its headquarters to Brisbane, Queensland, in January 2008. To sell directly to the expanding USA market, Dreamfarm USA Inc was established in May 2008.

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Dreamfarm is currently distributed in over 30 countries worldwide, including Japan, IsraelDenmarkIreland, The Philippines and South Africa. It supplies to more than 450 Australian retailers.

The company won a prestigious Red Dot Design Award in March 2010 for Clongs - the click-lock sit up tongs.

The following is a list of Dreamfarm products, the year they were introduced and a brief description:

2003Grindenstein,Coffee grind knockbox and recycling station, 
2007Scizza,Flat-based scissor for cutting pizza, pastry and fabric and protecting the cutting surface, 
2008Smood,Spring-based potato masher, 
2008Gripet,Mountable note holder, 
2009Vebo,Silicone vegetable steamer and boiler, 
2009Jot,Suction-cap hook, 
2009Spink,Beverage spill-saver, 
2009Oni,Spreading, cutting and slicing all-in-one sandwich knife, 
2010Clongs,Button-lock tongs that sit up off the bench, 
2010Supoon,Scraping cooking spoon that sits up off the bench, 
2010Teafu,Silicone pump-action tea infuser, 
2010Chobs,Chopping board attachments that lift the board up and let you chop on both sides, 
2010Chopula,Chopping, scraping spatula that sits up off the bench, 
2010Tapi,Tap attachment that converts a tap into a drink fountain, 
2011Membo,Mountable 7-day job reminder, 
201115 Inch Barbecue Clongs,Button-lock tongs that sit up off the bench, with barbecue-friendly tips, 
2011Garject,Self-cleaning garlic press, 
2011Temji,Shower temperature dials, 
2012Stainless Steel Chopula,Sit up chopping spatula made from stainless steel, 
2012Mini Supoon,Jar scraping spoon that sits up off the bench, 
2013Garject Lite,Nylon version of award winning self-cleaning Garject garlic press, 
2013Onpot,Pot lid rest, 
2014Savel,Flexible food saver, 
2015Levoons,Set of four self-levelling measuring spoons, 
2015Levups,Set of four self-levelling measuring cups, 
2016Spadle,Serving spoon that turns into a ladle, 
2016Holey Spadle,Slotted spoon that turns into a slotted ladle, 
2016Set of the Best,Essential hand tool gift set. Includes Spadle, Holey Spadle, Chopula, Supoon and Mini Supoon, 
2017Spindry,Spin dry toilet brushe, 
2017Fledge,Flip up edge cutting board, 
2017Levoop,Adjustable volume, self-levelling scoop,